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Our arsenal contains over 50 leads generation resources, which will help real estate agents, insurers, mortgage loan officers and B2B professionals to grow their businesses. In the midst of all these possibilities, three key methods for generating leads consistently appear to be some of the most influential and impactful strategies.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO serves as the backbone of our lead-generation strategy, helping us connect with motivated prospects actively searching for our services.
Social Media Marketing
Progro Marketing excels through our social media strategy. We connect with diverse audiences, nurture client relationships, and showcase expertise via targeted ad campaigns.
Email Marketing
Using Progro Marketing, email campaigns are performing exceptionally in nurturing leads and converting those interested users into valued clients by providing them with relevant content.
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Why Choose Progro Marketing?

Unlock a world of opportunities with our B2C Lead Generation Services. We specialize in connecting businesses with potential customers, providing a tailored solution to boost your customer acquisition efforts. Let us help you reach and engage your target audience, turning leads into loyal customers.

Monthly Consultation
Progro Marketing goes the extra mile by offering monthly consultation sessions, ensuring you make the most of your leads and continuously optimize your strategy.
No Setup Fee
Get started with Progro Marketing and gain access to a vast pool of high-quality leads, improving your return on investment.
Exclusive Lead Access
Benefit from exclusive access to high-quality, pre-verified leads with accurate information, setting you up for success
Social Media Solutions
Tailor your Social Media to match your specific requirements, giving you the flexibility to target the right audience
Data Accuracy
Progro Marketing screens and verifies leads for accuracy and relevance, ensuring you connect with the right prospects
Responsive Support
Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you at every stage, ensuring a smooth experience.
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Real Estate Referral Networks vs Progro Marketing

  • Referral Networks
  • ProGro Leads


Referral Networks
ProGro Leads
Agent Starting Cost
Fees Typically Higher No Setup Fee
Referral Fee
Charges up to 30% Referral Fee 15% Referral Fee
Lead Quality
Varies depending on referrals. Pre-verified leads with accurate information
Lead Customization
Limited control over lead type and source. Customizable leads tailored to your specific requirements.
Lead Accuracy
May have outdated or incomplete Leads are screened and verified
Customer Support
Support availability may vary. Responsive customer support team to assist at all stages.
Data Security
Security measures may not be as robust. Prioritizes data security and privacy for you and your clients
Limited flexibility in selecting lead criteria. Monthly consultation sessions to optimize your lead strategy.
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We’ve Got a Plan That’s Perfect For You

Choose the Progro Marketing subscription plan that aligns with your ambitions and business goals. We're committed to delivering Social Media Management, leads and exceptional support, helping you succeed in your industry. Elevate your business today!

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Lead Management FAQs

Progro Marketing is an AI based lead generation & Social Media  agency specialising in delivering premium quality Social Media Content and leads for estate agents and insurance professionals. We’re taking advantage of state of the art technologies and datacentric strategies to find possible clients who are active in looking for your services. In order for the leads provided to be accurate and very specific, our process will involve a wide range of research, data analysis and verification.

Progro Marketing offers a number of reasons as to why it stands out: We’re not charging referral fees, so you’ll be able to keep more of your hard earned commissions. In order to provide you with relevant and quality leads, they’ve been customized for your specific requirements. In order to support all your business activities, we offer a wide range of additional services such as Virtual Assistants, email Marketing and B2B lead generation.

Yes, you are the only ones that we supply leads to. We think that, in order to make sure you get the best chance of converting those leads into clients, we’re going to be providing personalised leads which match your criteria. You’ll not be competing with other agents for a similar set of leads.

With Progro Marketing, you can save time and resources by focusing on closing deals while we manage the lead generation process.

Events and conferences are great ways to feel the pulse of your customers. After an event or conference, we help you follow up with the attendees to get their feedback. This can help give you understand where you fell short of their expectations and what worked in their favor.